Electric and Heat Energy Accounting and Control System

The development of the software for the systems that monitor and control electric and heat energy.

Electric and Heat Energy Accounting and Control System

The solution consists of two systems: a monitoring and control system for electric energy and a monitoring system for heat energy. The first one collects and manages the data from energy meters. The second one reads and processes the heat energy data: the amount of heat and the temperature of supply and return pipelines, etc. 

This data provides customers with the feedback on the quality of services, while the energy providers monitor their equipment effectiveness. The system is able to build reports, issue invoices, etc. 


Work performed

The automated system for commercial accounting of heat energy and heat-conducting medium has been designed and created. It contains the subsystems for: 


The solution is based on a client-server network architecture. The server side is designed as a high availability microservice system. The services are deployed independently, which helps to escape failures. 

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