Company today

Founded in 1998, Applied Technologies is one of the major Russian South Ural-based IT companies. We develop software, provide technical support, modernize third-party software, and implement automated testing. We create applications that help our clients to optimize workflows and save time and cost. We cooperate with Russian and foreign partners. Learn more about our technical environment and tools on the Technologies page.


We have experience in developing software solutions for banking, healthcare, education, telecom, and manufacturing. Our specialists can cope with heavy workload — we work on new projects and maintain the existing ones simultaneously. The company's portfolio includes business processes automation systems, client-server applications, distributed and cross-platform systems. Overall, we have completed more than 70 projects of different complexity. We do not chase quantity, we strive to establish long-term cooperation instead. Read about our work on the Projects page.

3 offices




250 specialists



QA engineers

Technical writers

20 partners

Long-term cooperation

Russian and foreign partners

Small and major companies

70 projects

Solutions for various business sectors

Web and mobile applications, server software

Historic periods

Applied Technologies is founded in Chelyabinsk. At that time, the organization numbers only 6 people.

The company establishes cooperation with the first US partner.


We open a new office in Yekaterinburg, a large South Ural city.


The organization establishes the second Chelyabinsk office.

Applied Technologies creates a team specializing in software testing.

We start the annual company picnics tradition. Every summer all employees go for a lakeside to cook BBQ and have a good time.


The Chelyabinsk team moves to a more spacious office.

The company acquires the z890 series mainframe to boost the efficiency.

Applied Technologies opens a training center to improve the employees' professional skills.

A ping-pong table is installed in the Chelyabinsk office. Now the staff members can take a break and stretch legs during a working day.


The company opens a new office in Miass, a town located in the picturesque area in the Ural Mountains.


Applied Technologies launches English language training courses in the office. This Educational program allows our employees to improve their skills and communicate easily with foreign partners.


We organize a community board, a group of initiative employees who take care of local non-work activities. The board prepares and holds celebrations for kids on a regular basis.


The company moves to the new two-storey open-space office with multiple meeting rooms, playrooms, and a large dining area.

We acquire a chessboard and a top-class football table (such equipment is used at the world championships). The team gets familiar with new hobbies and eventually starts holding local tournaments.


Applied Technologies celebrates its 15th anniversary.


The team starts a music band that performs at company parties. We dance, sing along, and offer song suggestions for upcoming events.


We launch Applied.Talks, the platform for sharing experience among employees. This is a place where anybody can tell others about their topics of interest or announce a product that is being developed.


Applied Technologies celebrates its 20th anniversary.

The company establishes effective cooperation with Russian partners.

The team holds chess tournaments on an ongoing basis.


Applied Technologies numbers 250 people.


Chances are that 2020 will take a special place in history books as an exceptional year. In spite of the pandemic, difficulties, and remote working, we were active as never before and managed to increase the number of projects and clients. We are proud of the result that we achieved in such a challenging environment. 


The business of the 21st century can hardly become competitive without digitalization and IT technologies. Our partners need the tools that help business grow. To create such solutions, Applied Technologies uses both time-tested and up-to-date methods. We strive to establish long-term cooperation, that is why we appreciate our partners' trust and care about our reputation. We understand that each specialist makes a significant contribution to the end product, so creating a high-skilled team is one of our company's goals.

Valery Ermakov

Assembling a solid team is a challenging task for a manager. I am sure that it is the specialists who define the company’s success and its results. We are committed to finding professionals who will find their place at Applied Technologies and help the company grow. There are no random people on our staff. All employees know why they are here and how they can contribute to the company and their personal development. We try to create a comfortable environment for our specialists, so they can truly unlock their potential.

Boris Stepanov

Information technologies progress rapidly, so the director of information technology has no choice but to be well aware of the latest trends in the industry. It is vital to understand which resources and tools an organization might need in the days ahead. We try to expand our technology stack on a regular basis. Our team of technical specialists launches new systems and supports working environments, leverages the computers’ efficiency, and adjusts software. The goal is to provide the Applied Technologies’ employees with comfortable workspace.

Igor Dyachenko

Accounting is a great addition to the business mentality and it allows to book all the company’s assets. The major asset of Applied Technologies is our specialists and their skills. This is the basis of the company, an integral part of it. We want to make sure that the employees enjoy coming to the office, that they have everything they need for work and recreation. It is way more comfortable to work when you feel certain of your company.

Damir Salimov

An IT company is based on high-class specialists equipped with modern technologies knowledge. To perform a full cycle of software development, we look for employees who are able to apply fundamental knowledge and think outside the box. One of the key moments for the human resources department is finding talented people. They can truly define the company’s performance. We have people on the staff who have been with Applied Technologies for more than fifteen years, and we believe it is a proof that we do everything in a proper way. We are proud of the company’s staff!

Tatyana Lapshina