Dark side of MVP

The concept of a minimal viable product is used for testing hypotheses and updating the product development strategy. It is a great tool (especially in a context of uncertainty), but it has some weak points. This article sheds light on aspects to pay attention to. 

What comes first: code or design?

Where does work on a project begin: in the realm of code or design? Let’s try to explore the question and choose the appropriate strategy.

And after all: Scrum or Kanban?

There was a time when the waterfall model was widely used in software development, but gradually companies switched to the Agile methodology. What are the strengths of Scrum and Kanban, some of the most popular Agile-methodologies?

Blockchain enters the picture

Blockchain cemented its place among the most demanded technologies, but not all companies hurry to switch to the new database format. When to expect common standards and what can help to make it happen faster?

Technical documentation: where to start?

Documentation helps clients to master new products on their own and solve problems without addressing technical support. How to create useful guides and what to pay attention to when choosing a format and tools?

Chatbots — new business tools

Many companies automate business processes and improve client experience with the help of chatbots that manage files, work with calendars, etc. The analysts of the Gartner company forecast that by 2022 about 70 percent of white-collar workers will interact with bots on a daily basis. Let's see which solutions are present and why the interest in chatbots is increasing.