Applied Technologies delivers a full range of software development services. We create and test applications, write and edit technical documentation, and provide technical support.

Applied Technologies has been developing software since 1998. We offer full-cycle software development, from initial system design to release and following technical maintenance. Our technical environment allows us to start developing a solution from scratch or join an existing project.

Software modernization may be required for various reasons: implementing new system requirements, enhancing performance, fixing flaws, etc. Contact us if you are unhappy with your system efficiency. We will audit your system and improve the situation. Our team can modify separate software components or implement global architecture changes.



Software testing checks whether the application's actual behavior matches the expected one. Contact us and we will help to create a functional solution corresponding to the defined requirements.

Documentation helps to quickly find the information about a project, whether it is the description of architecture, operational environment, or app’s functionalities. Configuring and mastering new tools without clear manuals might be a challenge. We can help to create a full range of project documentation, from installation guides to user manuals. We write in English and other languages.

No matter how perfect a system appears to be, users might face difficulties in configuring or working with it. In such cases they contact technical support engineers. We offer outsourced technical support services, so you can cut down expenses on internal technical support.

Analytics defines the system requirements in order to plan a project or to modify an existing product. Systems and business analytics help to solve specific issues. The main task of analysts is to help clients transmit their requests to developers and help the development team fine-tune the workflow in order to decrease workload and increase effectiveness.