How to start developing a software product and what is a startup?

The concept of startups is vast and includes lots of aspects. So what should you be focused on when creating a new project? What are the most common misbeliefs? What practices are well-proven? Let’s see into the matter - where to begin and how to get ready for the start.

Choosing tools for UI testing: Selenium or Selenide?

Writing a good UI test might be a tough task. AJAX requests, timeouts, and pages with dynamic content are just a few items from the list of problems testers deal with. Selenium Webdriver is one of the most popular products in the UI tests domain. But it is crucial to have a clear understanding that Selenium is a low-level system library for managing browsers. It is not designed for handy test writing.

Interface Syntax

Interface is a link between the user and software. Modern desktop and web applications that lack user-friendly interfaces can be hardly competitive. Indeed, a solution’s functionalities are top priority, but nobody wants to spend months on investigating and mastering new tools. The simpler the working process is, the better.